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In the early 1990s Seth Ferranti was just 22 years old when he began a 21-year sentence in Federal prison for meeting supply and demand of two of America’s favorites, cannabis and psychedelics, namely LSD.

While serving time, he earned three degrees, an AA, a BA, and a Masters in Liberal Arts, with a focus on writing and journalism. While in prison Ferranti wrote and published numerous comic books on crime, penned 500 blog entries, 22 true crime novels—with many of the stories garnered from fellow inmates.

He began freelancing from prison for crime publications, telling the stories of gangsters, often from the criminal’s perspective, detailing the trials and tribulations of a failed War on Drugs, and a legal system seemingly damaged beyond repair.

Seven years ago he was released back into the general population as an adult, ready to continue telling the stories from the failed War on Drugs, with his first effort, White Boy, the true story of Rick Wershe, Jr., a 14 year old boy used by the FBI as an drug informant in the 1980s.

His own story is intriguing enough, with the ever humble Ferranti approached by filmmakers, stating, “I really haven’t finished my own story yet, because I still have a lot more to do and say.”

Courtesy of Seth FerrantiMeeting Supply & Demand

Ferranti was what’s referred to as a military brat, with his family moving from state to state, with stints overseas. His biological dad was in the Marines and his stepdad was a Navy combat pilot; both served in Vietnam. His mother was taught at both the high school and college level, then taught special education kids.

“We were in California when I first smoked weed at 13, and from that moment forward I spent my time sourcing for more” he …

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