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Within the Sense grow room, Cultivation Manager Rob King slides up along the wall in order not to brush up against the buds. It’s a tight space and reminds me of cultivation facilities I visited before California’s transition to the adult-use marketplace in 2018. That’s not coincidental. This grow, centrally located downtown in one of the most expensive cities in the U.S., San Francisco, was one of the first in California to be city-licensed for cannabis cultivation back in the Proposition 215 era. With a room for plants in veg and two flowering rooms with around 100 lights, the team at Sense has the opportunity to be hands-on with each plant they grow. And this attention to detail shows in the flowers they produce, which are consistently some of the most frosted over, absolutely crystal-coated dank nugs out there.

“Because of how long it’s been in operation, this was never an ideal grow space,” King says upon my arrival. “Like you see a lot of these new ventures that are funded and backed in like super pristine lab-type grows and this is really not that. This has a lot of history to it. It’s not an ideal space. We’re in San Francisco, so cost per square foot is at a premium.”

I easily arrived at the grow via public transit on a weekday afternoon and, along with King, meet the company’s CEO Steve Griffith and COO Adam Hayes in a small hallway area. The group seems close and I later find out they’ve all recently had children within the last nine months. Hayes and King were even at the hospital together at the same time. When I ask if they’d ever consider moving out of San Francisco they all agree it’s easier …

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Author: Ellen Holland / High Times

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