I Got Stoned Before Watching the New ‘Avatar’ Movie

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My experience watching Avatar: The Way of Water couldn’t have been more different from my experience watching the original Avatar back in 2009. When that movie came out, I was in middle school. My parents wouldn’t drive me to the cinema, so I ended up watching it in class. I had heard so much about the movie and was excited to finally see it, but by the time the credits rolled I failed to grasp what all the hype was about. Maybe I was too young to appreciate what director James Cameron had accomplished, or maybe our teacher’s dinosauric projector didn’t do those accomplishments any justice. Regardless, I was too disinterested to give the movie another shot. 

When Avatar: The Way of Water came out, I was no longer a kid. It had been several years since I graduated college, and I was backpacking through South America. First Peru, then Ecuador. Remembering how much I disliked the first film, I figured I’d liven things up by smoking a bit of weed. In a previous High Times article, I urged stoners to check out the Netflix documentary Alien Worlds, a fictional, David Attenborough-esque nature series about extraterrestrial ecosystems. Avatar is essentially Alien Worlds but with better CGI, so getting high seemed like a good idea. At the very least, I figured it would help make the film’s 190-minute runtime a little more bearable.

Finding marijuana in South America is pretty easy, by the way. The hostel I stayed at in Lima sold brownies. In Cusco, you can buy off art students selling their paintings in the park. In many other places, taxi drivers have it, or they will know where to get it for you. The weed here looks different than the weed from New York, …

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Author: Tim Brinkhof / High Times

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