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In a lean but not very mean 40-minute special for HBO Max, Ian Lara not only scores laughs but tells great stories that are, really, contained romantic comedies.

It’s just a smooth special. From beginning until the end, it’s consistent, not to mention gracefully crafted, thanks to director and comedian Aida Rodriguez. Sometimes when comedians step behind the camera for specials, like Rodriguez, they just know how to instinctually respond to the material and performer best. 

I digress, but if you haven’t seen “Romantic Comedy” yet, check it out and consider seeing Lara on the road. He has several upcoming tour dates. Recently, the comedian talked to us about his material and his experiences on the road in NYC and elsewhere. 

High Times: When did you first start feeling comfortable on stage? 

Ian Lara: I’ve always, from day one, I was always happy doing it. I wasn’t one of those dark, sinister comedians who are great but then hate the art. I always just loved stand-up and I was always having a good time. I was always like, this is great.

Where did you first test out material in the early days?

Well, those early days, it was just open mics where you would go pay $5, buy a drink, and do five minutes in front of comedians who hate you and themselves. So, it was tough. Now I’m at a different point where when I write a new joke, I’ll usually just throw it in the middle, I’ll try it somewhere at the Comedy Cellar or The Stand, New York Comedy Club. I’ll just throw it in the middle of the set and see where it lands.

I like the caricature of the self-loathing comedian, especially the ones that turn their …

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Author: Jack Giroux / High Times

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