Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #41: A Stable & Grounded Collection of Heat

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Welcome back, friends. If it seems like the whole world is crumbling around you right now, know that you’re not alone. It is. Summer’s in full swing and temperatures are running hot, and that’s not just due to the weather. Or the Hurriquake! Times are just tough, and across the industry I see more OGs struggling right now than ever before. Even worse, opportunists trying to pick off whatever meat is left on your carcass are circling overhead. Things are looking and feeling grim, but remember, it’s always the darkest before dawn. Hopefully the metaphorical Sun will rise again soon… we’ll see. But even if it doesn’t, we’ll adapt. We weren’t born in the sun, and there’s more great weed available now than ever before so… that’s got to count for something. Don’t miss the forest for the trees!

With the last edition some heady boiz were mad at the fact that I used a brand’s marketing to talk about (what they agree to be) a great brand. I’m not going to get into the specifics, but I do want to point out once again that this is a subjective list of things I like – not some investigative piece on the inner workings of each of these guys. I will talk about MORE than just the weed, and I will prioritize those that I think are actually good people, on top of being good at what they do. You may not like my picks, or the reason I chose them. That’s okay! We’re all entitled to our opinions. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but with that said, I’m going to keep writing about what resonates with me. Everything deserves shine sometimes, and serving it is …

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Author: Jon Cappetta / High Times

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