Mothers Fighting to Destigmatize Cannabis

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What do a breast cancer-surviving Christian, a white collar Miami mother of two, and the founder of the nationwide Canna Mom Gang community have in common? Their stories all illustrate how consuming cannabis improves their role as primary caregiver. And while they experience less vilification, more acceptance, and availability of community-based support than years’ past, the insidious stigma surrounding motherhood and cannabis use has yet to be eradicated.

The encouraging creep of cannabis into the mainstream via legalization, availability, and pop culture has lessened the shame around mothers and their use of the plant. However, a deep-seated, underlying belief still remains in pockets of society which perpetuates the belief that mothers who use cannabis are “bad moms”.

Not the Bad Moms portrayed in the Hollywood blockbuster starring Mila Kunis and Kirsten Bell, who whimsically drink wine at the local bar and fantasize about doling out household chores to an unwilling, patriarchal husband. It’s the judgemental, ostracizing ruler of badness in which mothers who regularly use cannabis are measured against. When the only goal is to be a more present, loving, playful parent who is oftentimes simply attempting to replace prescription drug use for the sake of their physical and mental health, why does the side eye remain?

Combating the eye of judgement is a fight these three moms seem to be winning.

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“Negativity comes from keyboard warriors that are uninformed, people in the professional world, institutions, and authority figures”, says the Mormon-raised (although no longer practicing) mother of three boys under 15.

Often seen smoking bowls from her giant, round-bottomed bong on Instagram stories while raspily chattering about her favorite bong cleaner and the typical gripes and celebrations of motherhood, Laura also opens up about her struggles with mental health. Her honest, sunny, take-no-shit demeanor coupled …

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Author: Allie Adams / High Times

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