Sublime with Rome’s Rome Ramirez Talks Tangerine Skies, Growth, and Weed

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Temperatures might be dropping –– even in SoCal –– but listening to Tangerine Skies, Sublime with Rome’s latest EP, it feels like summer.

It’s been 12 years since Sublime with Rome’s debut, Yours Truly, which served as the world’s formal introduction to Rome Ramirez, who, by the way, is not trying to be or replace the late Bradley Nowell, frontman of the OG Sublime. Head to any of the band’s live shows and you’re sure to hear the Sublime hits you’ve sung along to at least 420 times. BUT, with catchy beats, infectious grooves, and straight-talk lyrics, Sublime with Rome originals can sure as hell hold their own. 

“I feel like over time, we’ve been able to grow as musicians and artists and listen to different stuff and find different inspiration, but at the same time, still make it sound like home –– still paying homage to the formula that Brad, Bud, and Eric started,” Ramirez tells me. 

Quick history lesson if anyone’s new here: Bradley Nowell, Bud Gaugh, and Eric Wilson are the original members of Sublime. Wilson is currently the only original Sublime member in Sublime with Rome. He’s also the one who hand-selected a then-teenaged, Sublime mega-fan Ramirez to join him and Gaugh on their new venture. However, Gaugh has since left the band, and the current SWR lineup is comprised of Ramirez on guitar and vocals, Wilson on bass, and Joe Tomino on drums. And now you’re all caught up.

This “formula” that Ramirez mentions is what gives the four songs on Tangerine Skies that familiar summery California reggae/ska/alternative rock/beachy-stoner-music vibe we all know and love. The EP starts off strong with “Cool & Collected,” the band’s collab with Slightly Stoopid –– featuring horns and feel-good lyrics, …

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Author: Ashley Laderer / High Times

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