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As Ridgeline Farms returned to the podium this year at The Emerald Cup, who could have imagined that they’d find their way to a Zalympix win a month later? They did.

In entering Zalympix—California’s fastest-growing elite indoor contest, and now one of its largest—Ridgeline’s founder Jason Gellman showed his faith in what they are producing under the sun of Southern Humboldt. Imagine being one of the 120-plus indoor cultivators that didn’t make it to the podium and then seeing the guy that won first place with Lantz in the “Mixed Light Flower” category at The Emerald Cup also win third place at Zalympix for “Best Tasting” with the same strain. It must have been wild!

These recent wins are the most special to Ridgeline given the effort they’ve put into Lantz over the years. Previous Emerald Cup victories with Green Lantern in 2018 and Ridgeline Runtz in 2019 felt great, but to do it all again after a time away from the winner’s circle with their own creation might be something hard to describe, given how many people have spent their adult lives on a quest for just one Emerald Cup trophy.

Gellman explained that Lantz is a cross between Ridgeline Runtz x Green Lantern. He estimates that the Ice Cream Cake he has used over the years makes up about 10% of the traits in Lantz.

We started our chat with Gellman’s return to victory at The Emerald Cup this spring.

“I mean, it’s an honor, The Emerald Cup, to me, is definitely the one,” Gellman told High Times. “I feel like there are so many different contests these days. That one truly means the most. It’s done the most for my brand, for me. So yeah. Very special. And to …

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Author: Jimi Devine / High Times

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