The High Priestess: Is CBD The Secret to Surviving Cancer Season?

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Welcome to Cancer Season, when flesh is free and your heart feels like it got run over by a 16-wheeler (Only me?). We’re in the deep end baby, swimming through the oceans of our soul, trying to keep our heads above water. Do things feel intense for you, perhaps more emotional than usual? Have you also found yourself crying as you take a hit from your joint or CBD vape, wondering what the hell’s wrong? I know I have! Yet as I try to navigate this emotional realm with honesty, my usual THC doesn’t seem to do the trick.  I can’t help but wonder… is CBD the secret to surviving Cancer Season?

To figure this out, I talked to weed witch, cannabis queen, and LA-based writer and editor Marie Lodi Andreakos. With her reporting on cannabis around the web, and her own experiences as a beauty witch, Marie offers a valuable perspective and expertise on tackling the big questions. Like, what even is CBD? 

“CBD is THC’s non-psychoactive cousin that will help you feel better without that stoney effect.” Marie explains. “It can help with pain, decrease stress and anxiety, and if you get too high from THC, it can bring you back down to earth. Plus, it has anti-inflammatory effects, which helps with not only pain and soreness, but has been known to help improve skin issues, too.” 

CBD interacts with our bodies endocannabinoid system, resulting in these restorative results. From a witch’s perspective, doesn’t it make sense that the cannabis plant can not only get us consciously into other realms, but that it can help heal us on this one as well? 

And this is a time when healing, self-care and self-compassion should be a priority. On Tuesday July 2nd, we …

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Author: Gabriela Herstik / High Times

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