The Year of the Hash Hole

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If there’s one thing that has made 2022 slightly different than any year before it, it’s gotta be the proliferation of the hash hole. Although infused doobs are nothing new, these expert level jumbo-sized cigar-like products have become all the rage with everyone from trappers to casual consumers looking for a memorable experience.

Although historically products like moon rocks have largely not captured the hearts and minds of general consumers, and while cannagars have been around for ages, somehow, the $100 to $150 plus pre-rolls filled with hash rosin have taken center stage for heady boys both domestic and abroad. So what’s the big deal?

Donuts, or hash holes, or whatever your preferred nomenclature, are massive joints, typically rolled with several grams of flower, but the magic here is the molten rosin core that further infuses your flower while you’re consuming. Not to mention you’re consuming from between 0.5 to a full gram of rosin through the experience. They rock EVERYONE.

Now, you’ve likely seen a gaping shot of one of these joints on Instagram, showing the rosin bubbling or the donut-like ash ring, but to put it into normie terms, y’all remember Ben & Jerry’s Karamel Sutra Core? The ice cream with the solid core of straight caramel down the center of the pint? It’s like that, but with top-quality flower and rosin. There’s flower on the top and bottom of this one though—the core of goodness is centrally located within the flower cylinder.

Started by trappers with more product available than they knew what to do with, over the past two years these doobs made their way to the legal market, and quickly became the rage for those looking to get knocked out. They are products of massive excess, so they’ …

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Author: Jon Cappetta / High Times

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