What’s in Your Stash? The Mommy Jane™ aka Jessica Gonzales

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As a young mother, Jessica Gonzales left behind 13 years of an alcohol and Vicodin-induced haze, using cannabis to create a healthier lifestyle for herself and her family. She lost 100 pounds in the process, and instinctively knew that cannabis helped her be a better wife, mother, and human being.

Inspired to reach out and help other moms who may be struggling with their medicating choices, the Southern California cannabis patient recreated herself as The Mommy Jane on Instagram. Within one year’s time her following of young mothers has elevated to well over 15,000 followers, and growing.

As a social media influencer, Jessica educates on the ever evolving products and brands that work for her anxiety, mood swings, overall health issues, and prevention against illness.

Her daily live chats include other mothers in the space across the country, some with their own companies, with many eager to share their own experiences. Some shout out from legal states on what they know, while others carefully come into the space from illegal states, desperate for help themselves, or help for an ailing child, friend, or family member.

“Being a young mom, living in a conservative neighborhood in Southern California, I understand what other moms may be going through,” she explained. “The positive physical changes I went through after giving up the booze and pills wasn’t just in my head – in my heart I knew this was the right choice. Convincing others was a different story.”

Jason Gonzales“Education is Destigmatization.” – The Mommy Jane

No stranger to cannabis growing up, Jessica hails from Marin County, across the bay from San Francisco, where growing cannabis was common within her family, friends and neighbors.

“All my relatives had medical cards since the 90s,” she shared. “Looking back, I wish my parents would have had them, too, …

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Author: Sharon Letts / High Times

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