Wiz Khalifa Discusses Daily Smoking, Khalifa Kush x Camp High Clothing Drop

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Gear up before you smoke up. Los Angeles and Pittsburgh-based Khalifa Kush, the cannabis and lifestyle brand we know and love, founded by the one and only Wiz Khalifa, announced a collaboration with Camp High, purveyors of locally made “small batch” clothing products. The cannabis and fashion brand with a smoky twist launched last Friday. 

Wiz Khalifa started donning Camp High clothing during workouts in Los Angeles and during his near-constant global tours, explaining the connection with the brand to High Times when the brand collaboration dropped. 

Cannabis and a healthy lifestyle go together like bread and butter: Last month, Wiz Khalifa told Men’s Health that when he works out, he weight-trains for an hour, does mixed martial arts for an hour, stretches, and then downs a protein shake and smokes a “fat-ass joint.” He also told GQ last February that the effects of cannabis seem to help him breathe better during a workout. The brand features designs that align with a high but ambitious stoner mentality. He shares the brand’s focus on creativity, self-expression, and a love for pushing boundaries. 

The collaboration debuted at the LA Fashion Week (LAFW) that took place last week. LAFW showcased 12 runway shows and presentations including showings by female designers Sami Miro, Tara Subkoff, and Claude Kameni. High Times alumni including Jon Cappetta and Jimi Devine attended Khalifa Kush x Camp High’s rooftop launch party dinner in Los Angeles, at the table with Wiz on Oct. 19. Wiz was spotted toking out of a Hemper Co. Lantern Bowlman XL bong, and blowing out milky clouds, which was captured and posted on Instagram.

Camp High’s small batch products are made locally in California. Camp High Founder Greg Dacyshyn said that he’s worked with Wiz to design smoker-friendly looks including a “smoke …

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Author: Benjamin M. Adams / High Times

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